What do I get from Teburu?


Awesome Online Ordering

Bring your restaurants into the 21st century with online ordering for your customers. Individualize menus and timezones. Offer pick-up or delivery options.

No POS Required

Don't need a POS? Teburu can manage multiple brands across your franchise. All it needs is an internet connection, and your orders flow to the order-receiving tablets and kitchen printers in your facilities.

Mobile Web Ordering

More than half of restaurant website visits are now via mobile phone. Teburu provides a great mobile or desktop experience for your customers.

Your Restaurant’s Own App

Customers with your restaurant's app on their phone are significantly more likely to order from you again. Teburu provides you with branded,  customized iPhone and Android apps.  

What people think of Teburu

Wow that was easy. All we did was drop off our menus, and next thing we had our system up and running. Why isn’t every tech toy this easy?


We now use Teburu’s online ordering, android tablets, in-store displays and mobile ordering. Everything works together, happily!


One store at a time we’re switching to Teburu. I cannot say enough about how much easier this has been for both our staff and our customers.


All we gave these guys was a menu and a logo, and they gave us a great looking website and a full ordering system. Just brilliant!

What is Teburu?

Online Ordering For Every Restaruant

Teburu was built for small and medium sized franchises who don’t want to worry about their technology. Teburu solves annoying and expensive Point of Sales issues with our Order Receiving Tablet devices and internet kitchen printers.

So how does this all work? Click here to find out!

Make the complex simple

With our online ordering system, customers can order and pay for delivery, or carryout right from your website or their smart phone. Different menus and prices for different locations? Not a problem! Your staff are notified of orders right in your locations and all orders are tracked with detailed reports and statistics.

Increase your orders

Online orders with Teburu are, on average, higher than in-store or over-the-phone orders, up to 50% higher! Give your customers easy options to add sides and other extras to their orders. Beautiful picture menus whet the appetite, and allow customers to see, and want, what you offer.

Use extra capacity without adding staff

With our in-store order receiving systems, your staff don’t have to worry about answering the phone or checking fax machines. Having a digital tablet system means no more lost or misheard orders, less stress, higher productivity, and better reporting. And now, our wireless printer system will automatically print orders to the kitchen.

Why the name Teburu?

Teburu is the Japanese word for ‘table’. We thought it sounded cool.